Wasp JAK-X 100gr 3pk

The Jak-X Crossbow is a mechanical broadhead designed to best meet the demands of crossbow hunters. The Stainless Steel Smart Tip (SST) is pre-aligned with three .035 stainless steel blades ensuring maximum penetration by creating a straight cutting path through anything that gets in its way.

The dual O-ring system retains the blades during flight and guarantees proper deployment on impact, even when the mechanical broadhead is shot from crossbows at 380+ FPS. Upon impact, the blades of the broadhead fold back to a huge cutting diameter of 1-3/4 inches, resulting in quick kills and easy-to-follow blood trails.

The Jak-X should be used with 2 O-rings.  Six (6) extra O-rings are in the package.  Three (3) broadheads per pack.