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western Virginia sport show

Booth O6 February 24-26

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Our Calls will bring the game to you.  Attract flocks of waterfowl with our Duck Calls made from exotic woods or acrylic that produce a wide range of tones.  Enjoy the Open Water Calls when hunting in fields or on lakes and the Timber Duck Calls for close in calling.  Watch for our Canada and Specklebelly Goose Calls coming soon to our lineup. Contact us for your custom order.

True Timber make's premium products for hunters and hunting game has motivated us to provide our customers with a natural blend of environment and seasons, inspiring your experience in the great outdoors. Check out our True Timber Collection of the best in realistic camouflage patterns while focusing on the essentials of concealment and adaptability for the game you hunt.

We now offer Jake's Custom Calls for your next Turkey hunt!  They are created from premium pieces of wood, both native and exotic species.  Wood density is matched with proper playing surface to create a realistic turkey sound.

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