M-Pack Lures Flippin' Jig

The M-Pack Lures Flippin' Jig offers top-of-the-line performance and an innovative weedguard that allows anglers to navigate through thick cover in search of big bass. Built to handle nasty terrain with ease, the M-Pack Lures Flippin' Jig features a specially shaped head, sleek recessed line-tie, and a unique Structure Guard weedguard.

Unlike traditional weedguards, the Structure Guard weedguard deflects cover without collapsing, which keeps the hook point covered and prevents hang-ups. When bass bite down, the Structure Guard is designed to roll to the side, exposing the hook point and facilitating strong hook sets.
  • Gamakatsu Black Nickel 5/0 Hook for Vertical Hook Sets in Close Cover
  • High Quality Powder Coat Protection
  • Sleek Recessed Eye Design
  • Triple Grip Trailer Keeper
  • 52 Strand Silicone Flash Skirt
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.