Berkley Stunna


Hank Cherry’s winning modifications with a jerkbait led him to the title of Bassmaster Classic® Champion. Born from Hank’s vast knowledge and Berkley® design expertise, the Berkley® Stunna has all the refinements for a jerkbait to excel. With action, casting distance, and durability at the forefront of the design process, the Stunna delivers with a unique slow sink to trigger bites from neutral and inactive fish.

Stunna 112

Maximum darting action and easy 180 degree head turns and side flash when jerked, dual brass weights and a tungsten weight transfer system for increased casting distance, ultra-sharp Fusion19 hooks, Hank Cherry’s jerkbait knowledge, and the Berkley team's design expertise, the Stunna is a must-have!

Stunna 112+1

The Berkley Stunna is available in two sizes, the 112 (3’-6’ diving depth) and the 112 +1 (6’-10’ Diving depth). Both styles weigh 1/2 ounce and have a fall rate of 1 foot per 8 seconds. The Stunna delivers a slow sink and shimmy on the pause to entice less-aggressive fish into biting, and crisp darting actions when jerked that'll drive any fish crazy.