VMC Tokyo Rig HD Wide Gap Black Nickel 2pk

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The VMC® Tokyo Rig™ Heavy Duty Wide Gap Hook is the key to making this incredibly productive technique a deadly fixture in your own bass arsenal. Forged for optimal strength, this heavy-duty worm hook is connected to a free-swinging, 2-1/2"L wire dropper arm; to rig, simply slide the weight of your choice (not included) onto the arm and bend the end to hold in place. This setup keeps your bait off bottom, and because the dropper assembly features a premium rolling swivel and ring attachment, the bait assumes a natural flowing, undulating action that drives bass crazy. 3° offset point for better hookup percentage. Tip: Add beads above the weight for extra color attraction.

Key component for the deadly Tokyo Rig
Forged, heavy-duty worm hook
3° offset point for increased hookups
2-1/2"L wire dropper arm
Premium rolling swivel and ring attachment