Vestless Mesh Back Shirt with Spine Pad

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Our Dura-Lite fabric with mesh panels under the arms and across the back make this shirt cool and breathable all season long. For hunts when you don't want to wear a turkey vest, this shirt employs our "vestless hunting" concept and holds two slate calls, two strikers, and two locator calls in the customized chest pockets. There is also four breathable mesh pockets on the front of the shirt for storing diaphragm calls. The removable Spine Pad enables you to sit comfortably against a tree. The Spine Pad pocket also houses a blaze orange flag that can be pulled out for safety.

• Ultra-breathable Dura-Lite™ fabric

• 4 Mouth Call pockets
• Two Slate call pockets
 Two striker pocket
 Two locator call retractors
• Removable Spine Pad™
• Blaze orange safety flag
• Mesh back