Time & Motion Easy-Rider

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For the hunter that wants the lightest most functional Turkey vest.  Comfort features include our T-Beam back Pad for comfort while leaning against a tree and our Magnattach Seat Cushion - the quietest, easiest, and fastest seat cushion on the market. Adjustable chest/waist straps to accommodate all adult sizes.

• External quick-draw slate call pouch
• Three quick-draw Magnattach™ stricker sleeves
• Call box pouches
• Two "During the hunt" mesh mouth call pockets
• Two detachable locator call cords with adjustable strings
• Mesh pot call toll pouch
• Magnattach™ padded rear seat cushion
• Vertical storage pockets
• Three zippered mesh pockets
• Mesh Owl hooter locator pocket
• Four internal striker sleeves
• Mesh flashlight pocket
• Two internal storage zipper pockets
 T-Beam back Pad
• Side mesh pocket
• Removable Gun Cradle™
• Blood-proof rear game bag
• Blaze orange safety flag
• Neoprene easy rider
• Shoulder straps