Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Moose

In Store Only
  • Developed to allow everyone to practice for the Moose hunt of their dreams in the comfort of their backyard
  • Anatomically reduced to 1/3 scale
  • 1/3 scale shots taken at 20 yards are equivalent to 60-yard shots in the field
  • Designed to take an exceptional number of shots from field points or broadheads alike
  • Rinehart paid extra attention to the form and finish on the woodland series of targets
  • Combining the lifelike realism we are known for at an affordable price everyone can set up a 3D range in their backyard for years of enjoyment
  • Each target is hand sculpted with anatomically correct body positions, have  Signature Series foam inserts
  • Broadhead friendly
  • Crossbow approved
  • Total Height: 36"
  • Shoulder Height: 27"
  • Length: 31"