Megabass Vision 110 Silent Jerkbaits


The Megabass Ito Vision 110 Silent Jerkbait adds lethal silent performance to the highly success line of Vision 110 Jerkbaits. Built with a single fixed weight so that it remains completely silent, the fixed weight also acts as a pivot point and helps deliver the signature Vision 110 action that erratically darts in all directions and sends out a tremendous amount of flash. While at rest the Vision 110 Silent perfectly suspends with a nose down posture and produces a subtle lifelike quiver – almost as if a baitfish were trembling in anticipation.

Armed with three Katsuage Out-Barb Treble Hooks for an increased hook-up percentage, its highly realistic airbrushed paint jobs also provide an impeccable baitfish imitation. 

Megabass Length Weight Depth
Vision 110 Silent 4-1/3" 1/2oz 4-6ft