Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP Jerkbaits


The newest addition to Lucky Craft’s extensive lineup of jerkbaits, the Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP blends the action of both the Pointer and the Flash Minnow into an attractive and dynamic package. The secret behind the Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP lies in its tungsten weight transfer system. During casts, the tungsten ball shifts to the rear of the body and alters the momentum, carrying the Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP an incredible distance. Once in the water, the ball rolls back-and-forth with twitching, and generates an enticing nose down presentation with an unmatched side-to-side action.

Engineered with an extremely aerodynamic triangular shape, the precisely crafted body of the Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP is armed with three sticky sharp treble hooks to grab any fish that swipes at it, no matter how slight the strike. 

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class
Flash Pointer SP 100 4" 3/8oz 4-5ft Suspending
Flash Pointer SP 115 4-1/2" 1/2oz 5-6ft Suspending