LiveTarget Flutter Shad Jigging Spoon 3/4oz


The LIVETARGET Flutter Shad Jigging Spoon offers a highly realistic finish that will get you more bites and put more fish in your livewell. Delivering an anatomically accurate profile, the LIVETARGET Flutter Shad Jigging Spoon is crafted using LIVETARGET’s Injected Core Technology, which enables the inner-core to host a lifelike shad silhouette with a metallic finish and produce a strobe-like flash that shines incredibly bright to attract fish. It also features a durable exo-skin that generates its signature finesse fluttering action on the fall that no bass can resist. 

Ideal for any vertical jigging scenarios, the LIVETARGET Flutter Shad Jigging Spoon can be used with a lift and drop technique to produce a tight shimmy and it can also be snapped off the bottom to impart an erratic twitching action that triggers aggressive strikes. Complete with a rear feathered treble hook, the LIVETARGET Flutter Shad Jigging Spoon is available in the most lifelike colors ever developed in a jigging spoon.