Mr Crappie Mono 8lb 500yd HiVis

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Mr. Crappie® fishing line made for small reels but comes in Mega spools

Mr. Crappie® is a premium monofi lament fi shing line that is formulated with special softeners to make it particularly suitable for use with small reels. It has a smooth and silky performance, with super low memory and excellent abrasion-resistance properties. And line diameters are consistent with all quality monofi laments.

Marshall was adamant about the line working equally well on spinning and spincast reels, and it does. “Mr. Crappie® line is made for easy casting of tiny jigs and baits with any kind of reel,” he said. “I don’t care if you’re fi shing for crappie, trout or whatever, this is the best product out there for all light line applications.”