Knight & Hale Legend Series Diaphragm Call (3-Pack)

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Harold Knight’s Legend Series is made up of a group of the dirtiest and most dangerous calls on the market. Beard Trimmer, lucky #7 and The Conservationist have led Harold to success for decades, and now it’s your turn.

• Beard Trimmer: A unique 2.5 reed design, this call creates the soft, seductive calls that gobblers cannot ignore. Utilizing a hybrid V cut with a moon cut on the half reed, this call is perfect for breaking loose gobblers hung up just out of range
• #7: A 2.5 reed design that is all the ease of a double reed plus all the versatility of a triple read. The high pitch and high rasp of this Knight and Hale diaphragm call make the argument that this call isn’t lucky, its just good.
• The Conservationist: One of Harold Knight’s most dangerous designs. The double-reed design provides the sweet, soft and seductive yelps with a very light rasp that no gobbler can resist.