Insights Fishing Realtree Tackle Bags

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Never again will you be limited to how you organize your fishing gear. The i4 Tackle Bag comes standard with front and top access to the tray compartment allowing you to choose horizontal or vertical storage configurations. Included line spool holders with spooling gromets integrated into the pockets allow for easy, on-the-go line spooling without the hassle and mess. Constructed of durable, fast-drying 50/50 ripstop cross-stitch fabric.

  • Comes with (4) 3700 Realtree Fishing Trays
  • Durable Rip-Stop fabric
  • Slip resistant rubber feet
  • Bait Binder pocket system
  • Holds up to (5) 3700 Realtree Fishing Trays
  • Line Spooling system on both side pockets
  • Comfortable, reinforced neoprene carry handle
  • Front and Top access with clam style design structure
  • Fully adjustable and removable neoprene grip shoulder strap