Greenfish Tackle TAT Prop Bait

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Crafted using high-quality balsa wood, the Greenfish Tackle TAT (Totally Awesome Topwater) delivers handmade performance. Designed with a cigar-style body and fitted with oversized prop blades, the Greenfish Tackle TAT provides a heavy flash-and-spit with a slow-to-medium retrieve. When used with a more traditional walk-the-dog style retrieve, the Greenfish Tackle TAT saunters across the surface.

Incredibly lifelike, the Greenfish Tackle TAT is covered with a hand-painted finish and clear coated to provide enhanced durability. Supporting a good cause as well, part of the proceeds of the Greenfish Tackle TAT will go towards cancer research. Armed with two razor-sharp trebles, the Greenfish Tackle TAT delivers quality and performance that is sure to impress.

 Greenfish Tackle Length Weight Class
 TAT (Totally Awesome Topwater) 4-1/2" 2/3oz Topwater