G-Ratt Baits Pistol Pete Glide Baits

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G-Ratt Baits Sneaky Pete Glidebait delivers a highly individualized gliding action that appeals to large, extra-hungry predators. As versatile as it is detailed, the G-Ratt Baits Sneaky Pete Glidebait glides smoothly from side-to-side with simple rod twitch, can be quickly reeled then paused to provide an erratic, injured baitfish action, and produce a tempting wake with a slow retrieve. The G-Ratt Baits Sneaky Pete Glidebait also features a perfectly balanced weighting system that allows it to swim at any speed and provide a subtle knocking sound to calls fish from a great distance.


G-Ratt Baits Length Weight Class
Pistol Pete Glidebait 5.75" 1.2oz Slow Sink