Fish Monkey Free Style Custom Fit Glove

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Fish Monkey Free Style glove is special made to allow you to Cut Off and expose the fingers you need. Designed especially for Bow Fishing, Spear Fishing and Just Fishing. The Free Style glove is uniquely constructed to not fray or split at the seams once cut. So fill Free (style) to cut and customize your glove to the task.

  • Customize glove to the Task, (Remove/ cut out individual Glove Fingers for Perfect Fit)
  • No-Fray or Seam-Split Construction
  • Simply Cut Off Glove Fingers at Marked area on palm side of glove. Only remove the fingers that you want exposed
  • Non-Slip Monkey Grip Palm for incredible grip!
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Special Wiring Pads on the Thumb/Index Fingers and Side of the glove help prevent hand cuts
  • “Fish Naked Fingers”