Victory V-TAC 25 Elite 300 Spine Target Shaft 12pk


The lightning quick V-TAC 25 was designed to dominate 3D and field circuits. A proprietary 90° weave allows for faster arrow recovery in flight and yields unprecedented tolerances with incredible spine uniformity, ±.001” straightness and ±0.5 grain batch weights. This line cutter will consistently crowd the X & 12 rings and has the durability to box out the competition.

  • Designed to dominate 3D and field circuits with light weight large diameter specs
  • 100 % all carbon construction 
  • Proprietary 90° weave allows for faster arrow recovery in flight and yields unprecedented tolerances with incredible spine uniformity
  • Matched weight within +/-0.5 grain for tighter groups
  • ICE nano ceramic coating aids in arrow removal from targets
  • Each Victory arrow is digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy
  • Stock length: 31"
  • Straightness: +/- .001"
  • Includes: .166" Uni-bushing (19 grains) & F Nock .166" (6 grains)
  • Weight: 300 spine 7.2 gpi