Picasso Spider Jig Wide Gap

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The Picasso Spider Jig features a completely recessed line tie to prevent the jig from hanging up or rolling in structure. Available in 30 degree Extra wide gap hook or Original Round bend flipping hook. The Picasso Spider Jig has a very vertical fall in the Round bend hook version which makes it very accurate to hit your target.

Made with the same hard Pro Metal Alloy and coated with the chip resistant duraseal finish, the Picasso Spider Jig provides more sensitivity and holds up to the "worst pounding." Weedguard is not cast in the alloy so it performs perfectly with no metal, epoxy or paint "blooming up the weedguard" for flawless performance.

1/4 oz - 3/0 Mustad Wide Gap Hook - 1 Pack
3/8 oz - 3/0 Mustad Wide Gap Hook - 1 Pack
1/2 oz - 4/0 Mustad Wide Gap Hook - 1 Pack
3/4 oz - 5/0 Mustad Wide Gap Hook - 1 Pack