Daiwa Procyon AL LT Spinning Reels

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 Featuring a super lightweight aluminum body, the Daiwa Procyon AL LT Spinning Reel minimizes flex to provide better support on the gears and bearing, allowing for increased torque and power while also allowing for longer life of the gears. It also showcases an air rotor and tubular air bail for increased rigidity and strength, especially at high drag pressures. 

Another element of the Daiwa Procyon AL LT Spinning Reel is its DIGIGEAR technology, which is digitally cut gears to reduce weight and create considerably better gear meshing for increased smoothness and gear wear. It also features the Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD) to stop hard pulling fish and a Long Cast ABS spool that decreases resistance on the line for longer more accurate casts. Finished with a machined aluminum handle and rubber knob for better strength and grip.

-Aluminum Body
-Air Rotor
-Air Bail
-Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD)
-Long Cast ABS Spool
-Machined Aluminum Screw in Handle

PCNALT2000D Right/Left 5.3:1 7.8 6BB + 1RB 4/340, 6/220
PCNALT2500D Right/Left 5.3:1 8.3 6BB + 1RB 8/240, 10/210
PCNALT2500D-XH Right/Left 6.2:1 8.3 6BB + 1RB 8/240, 10/210
PCNALT3000D Right/Left 5.2:1 9.0 6BB + 1RB 10/280, 12/220
PCNALT4000D-C Right/Left 5.2:1 9.7 6BB + 1RB 10/360, 14, 250