Badlands Altitude Long Sleeve Crew


Do whitetail take a break when it‘s “too hot?” Do turkey or elk pack it in because it's unseasonably warm? Heck no. And neither will you, with the Altitude Long Sleeve Crew. It shifts the odds in your favor with CoolTouch™ sweat-activated fabric, built-in odor management, and a quick-dry finish. Now you'll enjoy it when things start to heat up.

  • CoolTouch™

Badlands’ CoolTouch fabric is activated by your body’s natural cooling mechanism — sweat — to help you chill out when the heat is on. We’ve incorporated this amazing fabric into multiple pieces of hunting clothing, to help you stay cool, even when fully concealed.

  •  Antimicrobial Silvadur™

To help you keep your scent locked down, Badlands uses Silvadur antimicrobial technology. It uses the natural power of silver to control the bacteria and microbes that cause odors when they react with your sweat. It’s an effective, long-lasting way to fight the funk.

  • Moisture-Wicking Quick-Dry Fabric