4S Draw Plantler Everlast Southern

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1 BAG PLANTS 1 ACRE (8lbs)

A multi-year mix of heat tolerant, white and red clover with a top-performing chicory for the south. The red clover is a big leafed, fast establishing, drought tolerant clover perfect for southern climates. The white clover is tall growing, large leafed, highly palatable and designed to stand up to heavy browse pressure. The large leafed chicory is drought, browse and acidic soil tolerant, capable of reaching high protein levels of over 30% in the spring and summer. Chicory is known to improve digestion in small, ruminant animals such as whitetails and may even reduce parasitic worms. Everlast can persist for multiple years with management, which may require mowing, proper use of selective herbicides, annual re-fertilization and maintaining a neutral soil PH.