4S Draw Deer Attractant

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4S Draw is a protein-packed powerful long-range deer attractant with an irresistible aroma deer will travel to and devour. Use 4S DRAW to attract more deer to your spot, in front of trail cameras & while scouting, mixed with corn in a feeder or to lure a stubborn, elusive buck out during shooting light (where legal, of course). Over the last 5 years, 4S DRAW has provided outstanding results for hunters all over the country. Whether hunting or scouting, if your goal is to see, attract & grow big, healthy deer .. give 4S DRAW a try. You will not be disappointed! 

  • Extremely desirable high intensity aroma that deer will travel for and devour.
  • Rapid response formula: in most cases 4S DRAW will have deer showing up in 1 to 5 hours after being poured out.
  • Offers 2x the protein and fat of corn with added vitamins and minerals to promote antler growth and help support overall herd health.
  • May need to invest in larger SD cards if you put 4S DRAW in front of your trail cameras.