Pro Staff David Roney

I’m David Roney from Vienna, GA. I grew up on the family farm in Dooly County where many of my greatest memories and passion of hunting came from.  Some of the earliest memories I have of hunting as a kid are when my uncles and grandpa would take me out to dove shoots and let me sit with them on the fields. They gave me my first gun, a Remington 870, at age six. I was able to shoot my first dove at a shoot the next day and have been hooked ever since. That following winter they started taking me deer hunting just to go sit with them to see the deer. Two years later when I turned 8 they gave me a browning 243 and I shot my first deer that same year.  That grew my passion for hunting and I couldn’t wait for dove and deer season each year. On my 10th birthday, in December, I wanted to try duck hunting. I asked my parents to get me everything I needed to start duck hunting for my birthday that year. They got all the basics I needed, and I went on my first duck hunt that year in a swamp on the farm. I will never forget that duck hunt. I killed my first green wing teal, and my first wood duck, and to this day that is still one of my favorite places to duck hunt. This is just some of the great memories that I have of my childhood hunting.

I still enjoy hunting everything I get the opportunity to, but my biggest passion is duck hunting. As I grew older I had the opportunities to hunt several other states. Arkansas became my favorite state to hunt because of the amount of birds and the different species to hunt. With that in mind I had the dream that one day I wanted to be a guide in Arkansas. I am blessed to now truly live my passion by spending the summers in Georgia on the family farm and the winters in Arkansas as a Guide and Co-Owner at Chasin Wings Outfitters. I enjoy taking other people hunting and helping them experience something that I am so passionate about. I especially enjoy taking kids and watching them as they experience duck hunting.  Something about the smile on a kids face during a hunt brings back those fond memories of when I was a kid.

Get outdoors and chase your passion!

David Roney